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 13 Short & Hard Videos About Creating Your Own App

Table of Contents

  • The 2 Main Parts You need to Know When Creating Any App
  • Learn the 1 Thing Apps Do So You Can Start Creating Your Own
  • Why it Doesn’t Matter Your Idea Is Already Taken
  • My 3 Reasons Why People Won’t Steal Your Idea
  • The 1 Time You Should Worry About Someone Stealing Your Idea
  • The 2 People You Must Be Able to Explain Your Idea To
  • 3 Reasons Why The Kiss Method Make You Money
  • How Much Does it Cost to Make an App
  • Where Do I Find a Developer to Create My App
  • Can I Create an App Myself or Should I get Help
  • Why I Created and iPhone App vs. Android App
  • How Long Would it Take Me to Create an App
  • 3 Ways To Make Money From an App

PS ~ Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. Andrew and I will do our best to answer them.