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What’s Blab and How it Can Help Your Online Business (PS033) #blab

Blab launched.

In the video above, I share why it’s a game-changer for you.

I just learned about Blab at HubSpot’s Inbound15 conference in Boston. (Guests at the conference included: Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Chris Brogan and many other influencers in the online space.) Blab received a lot of buzz at the 14,000+ people conference and has only been out several months.

Blab’s similar to Periscope and Meerkat, but instead of one-way conversations, there’s group conversations. With live group video conversations, the audience can now get involved. In short, Blab is Google Hangouts done right.

The video above is the first-ever PopSmoke Show on Blab. This is history in the making. Thank you and congrats for being part of it.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what’s going on, you’re not alone, everyone is brand new to Blab. This is even before being considered an “early-adopter.”

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The PopSmoke Show on Blab

On The PopSmoke Show, we connect and learn with veteran artists, creatives and entrepreneurs (ACEs) via live video conversations.

Show Notes

Pre-Blab Music

50 Cent – If I Can’t

Blab Breakdown

  • Part 1 ~ Welcomes, Intros, History, Walk-through
  • Part 2 ~ Benefits, Use Cases and How Blab Can Help You
  • Part 3 ~ Q & A
  • Bonus: Contest

Contest Winners

  • Sonny Tosco @sonnytosco
  • Kenneth Wings @willyoubuyit
    Prize: $100 in Amazon gift certificates.

Featured seats

  • Sonny Tosco @SonnyTosco: Founder and CEO, @Limelightapp. USMA c/o 2006. Proud Army Veteran.
  • Josh Shaner @Joshshaner: Free thinker, non-conformist, occasional worker for The Man, with a budding passion for entrepreneurship.

Blab Bullpen Appearances

  • Raul Moreno @dotraul: Building something different, for profit w/ purpose @vetdojo.
  • Edward Riefle @PostalZen: Traditional Mail Simplified.
  • Joseph Solosky @jolosky5: Expat by way of Long Island. Naval Academy grad. Yankees.

Special Blab Appearance

  • Michael Birch: Co-founder of

PART 1 ~ History, Walk-through


Timeline of live-streaming apps:

  • March 2007
  • Ustream was born when the founders wanted a way for their friends in the Army, who were deployed overseas in Iraq during the war, to be able to communicate with their families.

  • Google Hangouts: May 15, 2013
  • Meerkat: February 2015
  • Debuted on the website Product Hunt and got big during the South by Southwest Festival in March 2015. In the same month, Twitter cut off Meerkat’s access to its social graph, then announced the acquisition of the competing app Periscope.

  • Periscope: March 26, 2015
  • The startup behind the app was purchased by Twitter for a reported $100 million in March 2015.

  • Blab
  • Blab was originally Bebo. Bebo’s story dates back to January 2005 when husband-and-wife team Michael and Xohi Birch founded the app at their home. Bebo sold to AOL for $850 million in 2008. In 2010, AOL sold Bebo to hedge fund operators Criterion Capital Partners (CCP). In 2013, Michael and Xochi Birch, the original founders, purchased Bebo back CCP for $1 million. In 2015, Blab was born.

    To date, on average, people are spending 64 minutes on Blab. This fact alone makes Blab a threat to any company, especially live streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.



Blab’s User Interface & Experience (UI/UX)

PART 2 ~ 5 Benefits of Using Blab

1. Feedback and Practice

    Feedback for your app, product, or service.

    Instead of spending months developing features no one wants, you can start a Blab to get instant feedback from your users about new features to add or not add.

    This helps practice The Lean Startup Method because you’re shortening the build, measure, learn feedback cycle.

    Practice for your upcoming talk or presentation. Practice your comedy or singing to a global audience.

2. Watch video above.

3. Create content. (Great for podcasters.)

    On average, blog posts take 2.5 hours to write.

    Blabbing creates more engaging content quicker and allows you to distribute your content to more platforms.

4. Team communication

    Slack, Asana, Basecamp, Trello are project management and team communication via text. Blab provides a group discussion via video.

    By joining a Blab you can connect and learn from people with different perspectives.

5. Watch video above.

PART 3 ~ Q & A

Blab Questions

Q: Where are the Blab files sent?

A: Upon conclusion of your Blab, you’ll receive an email to download an audio file (.mp3) and video file (.mp4) shortly after.

Q: Can Blabs be shared on YouTube?

A: Yes, upon conclusion of your Blab, you can click “Upload to Youtube.”

Q: Do you see Blab as something to replace podcasting or augment it?

A: Watch video above.

Q: Can you make Blab private?

A: You can hide Blabs and not make it public. Or choose not to record your Blab.

General Questions

Q: What are some common characteristics of people involved with TechStars Patriot Boot?

Q: Is there a TechStars Patriot Boot community?

Q: What was the biggest surprise going to TechStars Patriot Boot Camp?

Q: What resources did you use to learn how to podcast?

Answers: Watch video above.

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