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Should I Trade Binary Options (PS002)

Meet Kevin Henderson

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Kevin Henderson, founder of What’s Up Texas?

My mentor Kevin served as Submarine Officer in the Navy and as an Economics Instructor at the Naval Academy.

The Academy is where I met Kevin. He was my instructor for Economics 101 and I’ll never forget the book he recommended to me — A Random Walk Down Wall Street.

The book laid a solid financial foundation for me and I credit his recommendation to playing a huge role in me being able to start PopSmoke. (Thank you Kevin!)

Currently, Kevin’s pursuing a Master’s in Predictive Analytics at Northwestern University and is the founder of What’s Up Texas?

About What’s Up Texas?

What’s Up Texas? makes loyalty passes, coupons and event tickets for mobile wallets.

Show Notes

In episode 2, I ask Kevin:

  • What are your thoughts about binary options?
  • After transitioning out of the military, what’s one thing you weren’t expecting when starting your business?
  • What’s one thing you’re doing well right now, one thing that’s making you money?
  • Who’s your best mentor or role model in your life? (It’s not who’d you expect, you don’t want to miss his response.)

Key Topics

  • The most important thing in business. Period. (Kevin’s POV)
  • Why no one will steal your idea
  • How to develop your own pass or ticket for passbook
  • The importance of creating and understanding value
  • A hint of email marketing
  • Transitioning out of the military and into entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity cost vs. cost of failure

Favorite Book

  • Download Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill on Audible for Free: More millionaires are said to recommend this book than any other. My DEFxAnnapolis talk on The Power of Sex Transmutation was based on Chapter 11 of this book. You could get it for a $1.

Favorite Author

  • Download Intelligent Investor by Ben Graham on Audible for Free: Ben Graham, The Dean of Wall Street, was Warren Buffet’s mentor. Buffet states this book is “the best book on investing ever written.
  • Download a Free Audiobook
    From Audible, an Amazon Company

Favorite Quote

Don’t polish the cannonball. ~ Kevin’s captain

Favorite Weapon

  • Application Program Interface (API): Research estimates more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected to the Internet of Things (Internet of Everything) by 2020. API’s are key to making that possible. They make Kevin money in his business.


  • Github: Where developers collaborate to develop software.
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