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It takes awhile to build an audience and you shouldn’t be in a rush. ~ Jason Fried, 37 Signals


Matt Pagan, founder of PopSmoke

Matt Pagan, founder of PopSmoke

About PopSmoke

PopSmoke delivers trusted transition training with veterans on The PopSmoke Show.

On The PopSmoke Show, you’ll hear veteran artists, creatives and entrepreneurs (ACEs) share stories, ideas and experiences.

Past ACEs include Rob Dyer, Winner on Shark Tank, Kelly Perdew, Winner of Donald Trump’s 2nd Season of the Apprentice, and Mark Rockefeller, founder of StreetShares…plus many more awesome veterans ACEs.

On the show, ACEs have recommended these books as their favorite reads.


  • RallyPoint: Find servicemembers and veterans like you, discuss military life, and share professional opportunities on the largest military network.

Show Notes

In today’s episode, Matt answers:

  • What was one mistake you made when starting out?
  • What’s one challenge your experiencing right now trying to grow PopSmoke?
  • What’s one thing you’re doing really well right now?
  • What’s the best business advice you received?
  • What’s a great habit you’re doing right now?

Key Topics discussed:

  • How to Organize Your Business
  • The difference between your mission and vision statement
  • What Jerry Seinfeld uses to write
  • The Triple Threat: PopSmoke’s Core Values
  • Rick Rubin on Eminem’s creative writing process:

Apps and Articles Mentioned

Favorite Weapon

  • My mind. An entrepreneur’s mind is his most powerful weapon.

Weapons Mentioned

  • Evernote: Remember Everything.
  • Workflowy: An organizational tool that makes life easier.
  • Trello: Drop the lengthy email threads, out-of-date spreadsheets, no-longer-so-sticky notes, and clunky software for managing your projects. Trello lets you see everything about your project in a single glance.

Favorite Read

  •  Do the Work by Steven Pressfield Shows you that it’s not about better ideas, it’s about actually doing the work. Do the Work is a weapon against Resistance – a tool that will help you take action and successfully ship projects out the door.
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Books Mentioned

Favorite Quote

Lock my body, can’t trap my mind. I rather die enormous than live dormant. ~ Jay Z

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