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Should I Quit My Day Job to Join a Startup? (PS035)

Show Notes

Listener Question from Christina Earl (Innovation & Collaboration Manager, U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs):

  • Do you have any good online resources about founding a startup?

Yes, The PopSmoke Show. You can subscribe to the show for Free on iTunes by clicking here.

  • What goes into preparing for an investment round?

Not exactly sure because I’ve never raised money, but I would say traction.
Sonny Tosco, founder of Limelight, mentions traction in his episode: Veteran, Father, CEO, App Creator (PS016).

The 3 questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you believe in the startup?
  • Do you like the founder?
  • Do you love the startup grind?


  • In episode 14, Kelly brings up the great point that it’s not about whether you’re idea is going to change, it’s about if you have enough time to survive until you can figure it out.

Episode with Kelly Perdew, founder of TargetClose: Will Kelly Perdew Invest in Your Business (PS014).

  • Dave shares that his biggest challenge when starting out is finding a cofounder.

Episode with Dave Cass, founder of Uvize: Why Veterans Struggle Transitioning to Higher Education (PS006).

  • Derek Distenfield recommends The Lean Startup as the most valuable business book he has ever read. You can download the Free Audiobook by clicking here.

Episode with Derek Distenfield, founder of NextGenJustice: Your Legal Docs Made Easy with NextGenJustice (PS019).

  • Discover all the recommended books on The PopSmoke Show and download your Free Audiobook here.

What about you? What do you believe Christina should ask herself before deciding whether or not to join a startup? Add your two cents below.

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