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Put Your Beer in the Crisper (PS005)

Put your beer in the crisper.


Meet Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley Popsmoke Episode 005

Michael Bradley, Navy Nuclear Power Officer Career Conference (NUPOCC)

My friend Michael Bradley is a fellow Naval Academy graduate and former Submarine Officer.

Michael has also worked on a satellite program, providing him a wide-range of engineering experience.

Currently, Michael runs the Navy Nuclear Power Officer Career Conference (NUPOCC), where he has built quite a business over the past few years helping submariner officers make the transition to the private sector.

About the Nuclear Power Officer Career Conference (NUPOCC)

The Power Conference is a job fair created to help Nuclear Officers who are transitioning from the military.


  • RallyPoint: RallyPoint is the world’s largest professional military network. Signup for Free and start making valuable connections.

Nupooc Navy Nuke Power Officer Career Conference

Nupooc Navy Nuclear Power Officer Career Conference

Listener Question by Glenn Shober, Naval Submariner Officer:
What’s your process for placing people and what is marketable right now?

Show Notes:

In episode 5, Michael answers:

  • What’s 1 thing you would have done differently when transitioning out of the military?
  • What’s 1 challenge your experiencing right now when trying to grow your business?
  • If you were to write a book right now, what topic would you include that you believe is important for someone transitioning out of the military to understand?
  • What works best for you when cold-calling and cold-emailing someone?
  • What are the main benefits you get from attending a networking conference?
  • What’s your best tip on how to prepare for a job conference while still active-duty military?
  • What’s your favorite part about being a veteran entrepreneur?
  • What type of tasks do you outsource in your business to free up more of your time?
  • How does outsourcing help you get more work accomplished?

Key topics discussed:

  • Hustle mindset vs. Hiatus mindset
  • Opportunities for Navy Nuclear Officers
  • How to delegate projects and tasks using Elance
  • The benefits of using Fiverr
  • Veteran Entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneur/Job Conferences vs. the Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
  • Veteran Artist Program (VAP), founded by Brian McDonald

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  • Mailchimp: Michael and I use Mailchimp for our email list provider. They provide valuable analytics for your email marketing campaigns. You could try Mailchimp out here.

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