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Inside the Mind of a Social Media Director and Podcaster (PS031)

Meet Dan Evans

Dan Evans, Social Media Marketing Director for Marine Corps Recruiting West

Dan Evans is the Social Media Marketing Director for Marine Corps Recruiting West.

Dan is responsible for developing and rolling out a comprehensive social media strategy for over 1,000 recruiters across the Western U.S.

In addition to being a Marine, Dan is a fellow podcaster, and a husband and father of three.

Below is a video Dan created to showcase recruiter generated content.

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Show Notes

In today’s episode, Dan answers:

  • How did you become the Social Media Director for Marine Corps Recruiting West?
  • How much time do you devote each day to each social media platform?
  • What social media platform do you find gives the best return on time invested?
  • How do you measure success and what metric does the Marine Corps care about?
  • You have more than 13,000 followers on Twitter. What’s the key to growing an audience of more than 10,000 followers?
  • What things do you consider when deciding to share something through the official USMC social media channels?
  • What do you find to be the most relevant techniques and strategies to gain followers on social media?
  • What was a mistake you made as the Social Media Director for Marine Corps Recruiting West?
  • What podcasts have influenced you as a podcast host?
  • How do you prep for a podcast episode?
  • How do you plan on monetizing your podcast?
  • What’s a great habit you’re doing right now?

Key Topics discussed:

  • Marine Corps recruiting via social media
  • How the Marine Corps Recruiting West creates content
  • Facebook metrics to pay attention to
  • Earning money with a podcast
  • Whether to do a video podcasts or not
  • Bullet Journaling: The analog system for the digital age.

Apps and Articles Mentioned

  • Eric Thomas keeps it 100. I recommending listen to his #TGIM YouTube videos or mixtape while working out.
  • Pat Flynn Smart Passive Income
  • Command Your Business by Scott Fussell: Military Veteran Entrepreneurship And Business Ownership.
  • Success Vets by Byron Chen: Inspiring stories, awesome tips, and helpful resources for veterans.
  • Inbound 15: HubStop’s Inbound fuels the passion that drives the most innovative and successful business leaders of our time.
  • Inc. 500 Military Entrepreneur Program: A resource for veterans, service members, and military spouses to start, run, and grow their own businesses.

Favorite Weapon

  • Moleskine Journal: What Dan uses to write notes and schedule his day.
  • Screenflow: The weapon Matt uses to edit The PopSmoke Show.

Favorite Business Books

  • Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill: Dan highly recommends the Audible version. You can download the audiobook for free on Audible (an Amazon company) right here.
  • The Best Year Ever by Jim Rohn: Jim Rohn will show you how simple it is to begin to turn your dreams into reality!
  • Do the Work by Steven Pressfield: Shows you that it’s not about better ideas, it’s about actually doing the work. Do the Work is a weapon against Resistance – a tool that will help you take action and successfully ship projects out the door.
  • Tribes by Seth Godin: We Need You to Lead Us
  • Purple Cow by Seth Godin: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

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It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed. ~ Napoleon Hill

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