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Hubspot’s Inbound was a Game Changer (PS034) #blab

I learned about Blab at HubSpot’s Inbound15 conference in Boston. (Guests at the conference included: Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Chris Brogan and many other influencers in the online space.) Blab received a lot of buzz at the 14,000+ people conference and has only been out several weeks.

The PopSmoke Show on Blab

On The PopSmoke Show, we connect and learn with veteran artists, creatives and entrepreneurs (ACEs) via live video conversations.

Show Notes

In this Blab, you’ll learn:

  • Pros and Cons from Hubspot’s Inbound15 conference
  • Great Conference Tips

In the featured seats:

  • Brandon Smits – Aptera Software, Founder Social Rocket Co.
  • Leif Hansen – Spark Interaction Igniting Vitality, Connection and Transformation
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