The Frontline

6 Ways to Start Tasking Your Own Virtual Assistant

Fancy Hands has saved me more than 1,300 minutes on the phone.

By not wasting time waiting on the phone, I’m able to free up time and conserve creative energy. This allows me to focus so that I can accomplish things that I want and love to do — like start, build and grow PopSmoke … or spend more quality time with my friends and family.

Aside from saving me time, I continue to task these virtual assistant ninjas to further develop my asking-for-help-skill. Yes, asking for help is a skill.

After you sign up, you could practice delegating and working virtually which is a key skill to develop, especially if you’re a veteran Artist, Creative or Entrepreneur (ACE).

Even if you don’t run a business, Fancy Hands can benefit you. I’m sure at some point you’ve thought about having an assistant, but just wasn’t sure if they’d be worth it. They are. And Fancy Hands is money. Because time is money.

If you sign up now thru PopSmoke, you’ll get 50% off your first month or 5% off your first year by clicking here.