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However Many Ways to Drive Legit Traffic to Your Blog, Blab or Business (PS037)

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Today’s show is brought to you by Sandboxx—military life simplified.

Show Notes


Sam Meek, Co-founder of Sandboxx, at USAA’s DigitalMilEx in San Antonio.

For today’s conversation, we feature Scott Warren who runs the Clickology Facebook group for veteran entrepreneurs and marketers.

Scott is a father of three, husband and entrepreneur himself. He has been working locationally independent for the last 5 years, and succeeding at it for the last 2. He has an MBA in international business and is a combat veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq.

And in our Sponsored Seat we have Sam Meek, Co-founder of Sandboxx and sponsor for today’s live show.

Sam Meek’s the Founder & CEO of Sandboxx, a mobile app that focuses on better connecting our military and veteran community. Sam grew up in Sun Valley Idaho before enlisting in the Marine Corps in 2002. He served two tours in Iraq and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant of Marines. Although he loved the Corps, Sam decided to transition out in 2007. He fell onto wall street in a business development role before starting Sandboxx with Marine Corps Legend Maj Gen Ray “Etool” Smith and Bob Russell, a US Naval Academy and Marine Corps father. Sam lives in Washington DC with his Fiancé Kristin and their black lab, Olive.

You can learn more about Sandboxx here.

Pregame + 3 Parts + Bonus

  • Pregame: Can we talk about Facebook coming out with a dislike button? What’s on your mind?
  • Part 1. See article below.
  • Part 2. See video above.
  • Part 3. See video above.
  • Bonus: Giveaway

The giveaway for this episode is a new copy of Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand. I recommend Unbroken on PopSmoke’s Professional Reading List because it’s one of my favorite books.

You can download the book for Free (the audio version, which is even better) at Audiobooks by clicking here.

Part 1 ~ Different Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog, Blab or Business


  • Publish a post via LinkedIn’s Pulse

Publish a post to your LinkedIn connections via LinkedIn’s Pulse.



(1) Interesting image. (2) Targeted tagline. (3) Interesting title to pique curiosity. (4) Time of day. (5) Credibility in opening sentence. (6) Call to action. (7) Specific interest/tags.

Pro tip: Don’t overlook when you post because timing is everything. The best time to post on LinkedIn’s pulse is Wednesday after normal working hours.

  • Share a LinkedIn status update to:

Your profile

Company page

  • Send a LinkedIn message to:

Existing connections

New connections

  • Create a sponsored LinkedIn post (Target by Title)
  • And post to niche group

Publish a post to your LinkedIn groups.


(1) Add mentions. (2) Add niche groups. (3) Sound human. Use “You” the most powerful word in the human language.


  • Publish a Facebook post to:

Your personal profile

Your business page

  • Post to a group like the Clickology Lab. Join veteran entrepreneurs and marketers at the Clickology Lab here.
  • Upload a video (Facebook wants video content creators using Facebook, as opposed to YouTube, so you’ll be rewarded with above average reach.)
  • Advertise with Facebook (Overwhelming at first, but most likely the best bang for your buck if you’re willing to spend a few dollars).
  • Create an event

Pretty good reach and post clicks for an organic post.


  • Post picture to your:

Personal handle

Brand handle

  • Post a video
  • Create a sponsored post


  • Tweet to your:

Personal handle

Brand handle

  • Create a sponsored tweet

Google +

  • Share a post to your:

Personal profile

Google + page


  • Text your friends and professional contacts to join you or help spread the world about what you’re doing.


  • Call people. Try it, it works.


  • Send an email to your list using Mailchimp, Aweber, Get Response, or HubSpot’s Sidekick.

Pro-tip: Use Sidekick. I’ve been using this new weapon called Sidekick. It tells me when and where my emails are opened, so I no longer have to call or email and ask “Did you get my email?”

More than 200,000 people use Sidekick each week. You can enjoy a Free month of Sidekick by clicking here.

Niche Communities

  • Guest Post to niche communities interested in your topic.

Example I can try posting to RallyPoint: The largest professional military network with more than 600,000 members.

Or American Veterans: An established veteran brand serving more than 300,000 people.

Audio Podcasts

  • Soundcloud: Upload an .mp3 file, which distributes to iTunes and various audio podcasts directories.

Video Podcasts

  • Podbean: Upload an .mp4 file, which distributes to iTunes and various video podcasts directories.

Pro-tip: Let’s face it. Podcasting is the new blogging. There’s no better way to create real content and reach a targeted audience than podcasting.

Listen to the all the PopSmoke podcasts on Soundcloud by clicking here. And then “Follow” if you want to hear about the latest shows.


  • Upload a video.

Sharing Sites

  • Reddit: Reddit is challenging because there are so many community rules. The main thing is you can’t promote your own content, but you can still find ways to add value.

Part 2 ~ Discussion

If someone is just starting out, what way should they do?

Should the reader focus on one platform or several platforms?

Part 3 ~ Q & As

See video above.

After watching the video above, feel free to ask a question or add a comment below.

Part 4 ~ Contest Giveaway

Hard-copy of Unbroken. A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption. Three years on the New York Times Bestseller List. You can download the Free audio version of this book on by clicking here.

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