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Create a Product and Make a Profit (PS022)

Everyone has a plan—until they get punched in the face. ~ Mike Tyson


Meet Aaron Tweedie

Aaron Tweedie, founder of Man-Pack

Aaron Tweedie graduated from an Air Force JROTC school in Virginia, and joined the Virginia Army National Guard as an infantryman.

After his service, he attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia where he majored in Marketing and received a degree in Business Administration. Aaron built his first house at the age of 19 and funded his higher education in real estate speculation.

Now Aaron’s building a brand with a unique product. He was recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank Veteran’s Day special.

About Man-Pack

Man-Pack – Sling-styled EDC bag for guys with a multiple of uses including concealed carry.


  • RallyPoint: Start connecting and learning from thousands of veterans. You can sign up for Free to join the largest professional military community.

Listener Question by Christina Earl (The Veterans Employment Service Office with the Veteran Affairs):

What tips do you have for finding trustworthy manufacturing facilities?

Show Notes

In today’s episode, Aaron answers:

  • What’s your favorite part about being a veteran entrepreneur?
  • What was a mistake you made when starting your first business?
  • What’s a challenge you’re experiencing right now?
  • What’s one thing you’re doing well?
  • What’s the best business advice you received?
  • Can you share with us how you prepared for Shark Tank?
  • What’s one lesson you learned from your Shark Tank experience?
  • Can you share with us your process on how you came up with the design for Man-Pack?
  • What’s your WHY? What keeps you motivated to keep doing what you do?
  • Do you have daily, monthly, or yearly goals? How do you set your goals?
  • What’s your greatest fear as a veteran entrepreneur?
  • What’s the best habit you’re doing now?
  • What systems do you have set up in your business to help it grow and to save you time?

Key Topics discussed:

Apps and Articles Mentioned

Favorite Business Weapons

  • Shipworks: Every marketplace. In one place.
  • Green Inbox: Boost your funding on Kickstarter / Indiegogo.
  • Magento: For high volume e-commerce.
  • Magemail: The triggered email app for Magento.
  • AddRoll: AdRoll Retargeting helps you reach customers intelligently across devices on Facebook, Twitter, Apple iAd, and millions of websites.

Favorite Reads

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Favorite Quotes

For it is not the critic who counts… ~ Theodore Roosevelt

If you realize you need nothing, you’re rich in everything.

If you chase two rabbits, you wind up catching none.

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