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Are You a Veteran’s Organization? (PS013)

Meet Dan Brillman


Daniel Brillman, CEO UniteUs

Dan serves as the CEO of Unite US, a technology company in New York, and is an Air Force Reserve Pilot.

Prior to that, he graduated #1 in U.S. Air Force Flight School.

He has worked at a venture capital firm located in NYC; investing in disruptive early stage technologies and driven entrepreneurs.

He holds a degree in Political Science and Government from Yale University and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

About UniteUS

UniteUS connects veterans and military families with the local resources, services, and care they need, while allowing organizations to help manage and coordinate that care.


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Show Notes

In today’s episode, Dan answers:

  • Can you share with the veteran entrepreneurs out there, your plan for a repeatable scalable business model?
  • What was one mistake you made when starting out?
  • What’s 1 challenge your experiencing personally right now trying to grow your startup?
  • What’s 1 thing you’re doing really well right now?
  • What’s the best piece of business advice you ever received?
  • In Episode 6 (Why Veterans Struggle Transitioning to Higher Education), Dave Cass mentions his favorite book, The Startup of YOU by Reid Hoffman. In the book, Hoffman says, “Live life in a permanent beta.” Why does your site still say BETA?
  • Do veteran organizations have to pay to use UniteUS?
  • What do you look for in a veteran entrepreneur or startup before you decide to invest?
  • Does being in the reserves slow you down from making progress in your startup?
  • What’s the next step you’re going to take to grow your business?

Key Topics discussed:

  • Importance of Leveraging the Experience of Others
  • Working With a Team to Integrating Features into a Core Technology
  • What to Look For in a Solid Team Member
  • What’s the next step you’re going to take to grow your business?

Favorite Read

Download a Free Audio Book
From Audible, an Amazon Company

Favorite Weapon

  • Slack: Collaboration app that UniteUS uses to communicate internally.

Favorite Quote

If you can dream it, you could do it. ~ Walt Disney

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