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Hey, how’s it going? Thanks for visiting, I’d love to talk with you.

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And … If you believe, as I do, that more can and should be done to set veterans up for success for their next chapter then PopSmoke may be the next place for you.

I’m always looking to connect with people who love new challenges and can get things done. I invite veterans who are creative, passionate and hardworking about:

  • Online Education / MOOC
  • Business / Leadership
  • Design / Development
  • Writing / Marketing / Branding
  • Photography / Videography
  • Audio / Podcasting
  • Communities / Social Media
  • Sales / Storytelling / Speaking

Or if you believed your ideas were too complex and underutilized in the military and now want to work on something that has the potential to touch many lives … you might be a great fit as well.

The only requirements are that you are comfortable with change, chaos, and learning from failure and don’t mind working in risky, unstable situations without a roadmap.

Now is your shot to be part of something bigger than yourself.

Join me. We’ll create a place that delivers the best transition training. Training that changes the way people transition into civilian life.

Email me at to get involved.


PS! PopSmoke is starting from the bottom … but will raise the bar ferociously to set a new standard within the veteran community.

Check out PopSmoke’s Core Values: The Triple Threat, right here.

I strive to create a company where our clients can wake up with a new idea and know that we can bring it to life. There is no such thing as impossible. It is just a matter of working harder and thinking more creatively than anyone else. If the structure for a new project is not in place, then we will build it from scratch. ~ Scooter Braun (Hate on Bieber, don’t hate on Braun)